четвртак, 23. мај 2013.

We proudly present the first thorough and profound book on Gypsy cards in the world.

At more than 400 pages, the authors Vesna Balaban and myself, Žel El, thoroughly explain the meanings of cards, how to connect and combine them, and finally, using different ways of Spreads, we demonstrate examples from the practice how to interpret the cards.

Our goal was to write a complete handbook for interpreting cards. The book is written in plain and simple language, and is intended to beginners without previous knowledge, but also to advanced card interpreters who wish to extend their understanding and insight.

We spared no effort and energy, all in order to give you a book that will be a comprehensive and complete material for interpretation of Gypsy cards. Instead of expensive courses and seminars, you'll find everything you need in our book.

The techniques of interpretation and Spreads are not limited to the interpretation of Gypsy cards, but can also be used in the interpretation of the Tarot cards, to the delight of all fans of the Tarot. Some of these techniques can not be found in any other place, because the most of them, the authors have designed.

But enough praise. Let each following judgement comes from you, dear readers, who have read and studied the book

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